Growth Portfolio

Growth Portfolio Divison has been established in the beginning of 2019. Our Service Portfolio is diverse, the used technologies reflect the market’s trends. Furthermore, we operate and work on every sites of ITSH with almost 1000 colleagues for T-Systems International and Deutsche Telekom, and their customers as well. The division includes many business units which are on the global market’s growth path, therefore we have open positions continuously for these fields:

Public Cloud, and Internet of Things

      • develop, maintain and operate the public cloud and IoT portfolio of T-Systems
      • product development
      • product managment
      • DevOps
      • solution engineering
      • architecture
      • and supporting business areas like Project Management, Sales
    • and Telekom Security: which works solely in the cyber security field.

Sales and business development also belongs with us, and their tasks are winning deals for ITSH and T-Systems and the continued support of the sales processes.

Another department of the Division is the Shared Service Centers that provides services such as software development, testing, procurement, automatization and project management:

  • Application Development SSC:
    • Main service portfolio:
      • High quality application management,
      • JAVA,
      • Mainfarme development,
      • and Big Data expertise.
  • Test Management SSC:
    • Main service portfolio:
      • Software quality insurance
      • Test management, test planning, and implementation arching across various test phases
      • Testing integration of information systems during international projects
  • Order Management SSC:
    • Main service portfolio:
      • Service Integration
      • All order management related C2C processes: Request to Offer / Order to Cash / Usage to Cash
      • Critical Order Management
      • Refine system configuration and control, build automation, self-service and lights out processing.
      • Set clear framework of global processes, build up continuous improvement capability and provide a standard knowledge base for the day-to-day operation
      • Develop service level agreements and performance measures.
      • Provide a benchmark to measure service performance
  • Automation SSC:
    • Main service portfolio:
      • Standardization of technologies and equipment
      • Process development and technology atomization
      • Consultation and architecture planning
      • Recyclable and atomized solution planning and developing
      • Implementation of current atomized solutions on organizational level
      • Development of certain applications
  • Project Management SSC:
    • Main service portfolio:
      • Project Management
      • PMO support
      • T & T Management

We are all for open and honest communication in our superb team, where the atmosphere is great, and where it is not a shame to make mistakes, rather it’s something we learn from and help each other out. Join us, as working in such a growing area is an opportunity not to be missed!