Collaboration with Universities

Banner_unITSH has nurtured close ties with universities and secondary schools for many years. The purpose of this cooperation is to develop and support education in line with ITSH demands, thereby strengthening the labour market and ensuring a pool of new trained recruits for the company.


There has been successful cooperation between IT Services Hungary and the University of Debrecen since the formation of the ITSH service centre in Debrecen. IT Services Hungary selected the University of Debrecen as a partner because of its high standard of teaching, in particular the excellent IT and language courses it offers.

As a result of constant joint professional work dating back several years, in September 2009 two informatics specializations were launched, offering the opportunity for students not majoring in IT but with language skills to get special IT training.

A new milestone in cooperation between the University of Debrecen and IT Services Hungary was reached on 24 January 2011, when it was announced that agreement had been reached on the formation of an Affiliated Department of ICT Systems Operation. This latest initiative creates the conditions that harmonize research and education with marketable skills and knowledge. Its aim is to improve the standard of training particularly for students majoring in IT engineering, software information technology and business IT, as well as to improve practice teaching and core competencies required on the practical side.

In the framework of this agreement an ITSH-specific education plan comprising the following elements functions in the University:

  • ITSH Department
  • Train IT, Train Language courses
  • IT specializations
  • Faculty of Informatics (not for IT students): Network Solutions or Operating Systems
  • German Studies Department: Operating Systems in German
  • Faculty of Economics: Shared Service Expert
  • CCNP course
  • Trainee programmes

Specializations at the University of Debrecen

From September 2009, all students of the University of Debrecen can choose one of two specializations organized by the Faculty of Informatics (IK) and supported by IT Services Hungary Kft. (ITSH): Operation Systems is worth 36 credit points, Network Skills is worth 35 credit points. Specializations take four semesters to complete.

When drafting the course material both ITSH and IK considered it important to ensure that IT experience was not essential in order to be able to complete the specializations, and that the training should be marketable and competitive, and practice oriented. However, a condition for success is advanced level German and/or English.
Operating systems course material: IT basics, Office, Windows, Unix, and Linux.
Networks course material: Introduction to IT, computer architectures, Office, network basics, operational systems, Cisco, ipsec/vpn, communications practice, WAN technologies


If you are interested in this opportunity, contact your department tutor, who will provide you with further details and information on how to make an application.

Affiliated Department of ICT Systems Operation (ITSH Department)

In February 2011 the University of Debrecen and ITSH established a special education-research unit called the Affiliated Department of ICT Systems Operation.

The ITSH Department operates under the aegis of the Faculty of Informatics. Its curriculum structure is developed by the University of Debrecen in partnership with IT Services Hungary. After completing four semesters, students attending the Faculty of Informatics can take the credited subjects advertised by the department, which they study over two semesters with the assistance of experts from IT Services.

Location of department: Room 68, Knowledge Park, ITSH Debrecen
Number of students in the department: 25-30/semester
Conditions for application: 4 completed semesters at the University of Debrecen
Entry filter: assessment of active skills in English/German
Number of subjects: 8
Language of lectures: English

Lecturers are highly experienced ITSH specialists and managers. Students learn about the activities of the various branches of ITSH and the technologies applied by the company, and they can improve their technical English language skills. After every other subject, students write a 15-minute test containing 10 questions. The final mark is given by the average of the test results.

Training is worth 2 credit points from the BA requirements, which can be acquired during the semester at the time of examinations. Once the semester is completed successfully, students are invited to take part in an informal career discussion at which they can consult with a representative of ITSH concerning their ideas for the future and gain detailed information about the opportunities offered at the company.


If you are interested in this opportunity, contact your department tutor, who will provide you with further details and information on how to make an application.

University of Debrecen
University of Debrecen, Faculty of Informatics (IK)


University of Pécs

ITSH signed a long-term agreement on cooperation with the University of Pécs and Pécs Local Government on 13 March 2013. The aim of the agreement is to make university education more competitive as well as to launch several jointly-organized teaching and research projects. Within this framework our company will, in future, offer students professional work experience opportunities and several traineeships, furthermore, we will play an active role in the extension training of university lecturers and the scientific work of students.

Cooperation with the University of Pécs started in 2012. Until that point ITSH only worked together with the Pollack Mihály Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology, but from 2013 the company opened towards all areas in which language or IT courses are arranged. (Faculty of Humanities – Faculties of German and Sciences – IT business studies). Tangible proof of the success of this initiative is that in the first year four Train-IT courses were held in cooperation with the Pollack Mihály Faculty.

Under the terms of the agreement with the university, ITSH also sponsors several other university events: sports day, appearance at the Pollack Expo, etc.