ITSH Start Programme

Banner_hsIT Services Hungary (ITSH), Hungary’s largest information and communications technologies (ICT) employer, works – through a carefully planned, long-term strategy – to achieve a position where, as a result of cooperation between the Hungarian education system and the business sphere, the Hungarian economy becomes more competitive, and there is a suitable supply of trained recruits as well.

The largest ICT employer in Hungary has nurtured close contacts with Hungarian institutions of higher education for several years with the aim of creating IT training supporting the teaching of marketable, practical know-how. A new element in this cooperation is the launch of the company’s Start programme designed to provide support for secondary school students studying IT. The programme based on cooperation with educational institutions builds on elements that help both teachers and students (and their parents) find out about the opportunities inherent in the Hungarian and global ICT sector, and at the same time make it possible for students to exploit skills acquired during their education immediately on leaving school i.e. it provides them with marketable, competitive knowledge in secondary school.

In phase 1 of the Start programme ITSH plans to establish cooperation with secondary schools in the catchment areas of two of the company’s premises, in Pécs and Debrecen. Contact has been made with six secondary schools in Baranya county and 11 in Hajdú-Bihar county, although the company also expects to receive applications to enter the programme from high schools teaching IT courses in other parts of the country.

Within the programme ITSH not only supplies the competitive training material but also ensures that students receive professional practice, specialist language training and even career opportunities for the brightest.

Those institutions taking part in the programme (including, in the first phase, secondary schools in Hajdú-Bihar county and Baranya county) are given professional assistance in compiling IT course material that is practical in its orientation, integrated into today’s market processes and simulates real-life competitive situations, as well as in the establishment of modern IT labs and the realization of specialist competitions and school programmes.

Tours of the company are arranged to give students an insight into the workings of an ICT enterprise. Furthermore, these young people can also see how people working at ITSH go about their tasks in the corporate environment and what the atmosphere is like.

To sum up, the most important objectives of the Start programme launched by ITSH are as follows:
the appropriate positioning of the ICT sector both among students and their parents who are particularly influential when it comes to making career choices;
providing students with practical knowledge that has a real value on the labour market, with which they can gain not only work but career opportunities, too.

ITSH plans to expand the Start Programme by involving a further minimum 10 new secondary schools in the next coming academic year.