Specialization in Debrecen

Banner_debrecenFrom September 2009, all students of  the University of Debrecen can select one of two specializations launched by the IT Faculty with the support of IT Services Hungary Kft (ITSH). The two specializations (operation systems and networks) are each worth 50 credits and can be completed in four semesters.

When drawing up the syllabus both ITSH and the university considered it important that those taking  a specialization should not be required to have background knowledge of IT, and that the course should be a marketable, competitive and practice-oriented training. One condition of successful training, however, is proficiency in German and/or English.

Operation systems syllabus: IT basics, office, windows, Unix, Linux.

Networks syllabus: introduction to IT, computer architectures, office, network basics, operation systems, Cisco, ipsec/vpn, communications practice, WAN technologies.


If you are interested, please check the following link.