Collaboration with High Schools

Banner_schoolIn the course of cooperation conducted with several vocational and secondary schools IT Services Hungary promotes the teaching of practice-oriented IT skills to provide a pool of new recruits with professional training. As a result, 2-year National Qualification Register (OKJ) IT courses have been launched in two secondary schools in Debrecen, with the backing of IT Services Hungary. The courses aimed at those who have passed their school-leaving exams have been put together in cooperation with ITSH, with the aim of teaching students a popular and marketable profession, thereby increasing their chances of finding work.

The basic idea behind the tie up between ITSH and secondary school students is for secondary school teaching to give young people a marketable, competitive profession. The aim is to develop and support teaching in line with the requirements of IT Services Hungary Kft., thereby reinforcing the labour market, providing the company with a pool of trained recruits, and increasing the recruitment opportunities for the company.

Brief history of ITSH’s cooperation with Hungarian Secondary Schools


First contact with Mechwart András Engineering and IT Vocational Secondary School.


First ITSH class launched (initially 1-year, then later 2-year training)


Other schools involved:

  • Gábor Dénes Electronic Technical Vocational Secondary School
  • Irinyi János Grammar School, Vocational Secondary and Technical School
  • Brassai Sámuel Grammar School and Technical Vocational Secondary School: ITSH class from academic year 2010

Teaching fields at the Mechwart and Brassai schools (2-year course building on the school-leaving examinations, with English-German language teaching): Cisco CCNA, WLAN, networks, operating systems.


ITSH Start Programme has been launched.

Forms of cooperation:

  • Training and infrastructure support
  • Professional Practice
  • Company Tours
  • Off-site job fair/interviewing
  • Support for Professional Events/Competitions (e.g.: principal sponsor of 1st ITE National Competition, etc.)

The 2-year school-based courses start at the Brassai Sámuel Grammar School and Technical Vocational Secondary School and Mechwart András Engineering and IT Vocational Secondary School. Those students taking the course who pass their exams can gain an advanced level profession and internationally-recognized qualifications. After graduating and assuming they pass the job interview, a significant career opportunity awaits them at IT Services Hungary!