T-Systems International

Banner_baloonT-Systems International provide valuable Information and Communication Technology (ICT) services for our partners. Owing to the fact that we have an extensive know-how pool, T-Systems International, Deutsche Telekom’s division for corporate customers, is the preferred partner of several multinational companies as well as small,- medium size companies and public administration organizations.

There are 160.000 customers worldwide who utilize the possibility of procuring special expertise and integrated ICT solutions from a single source. T-Systems uniquely offers its own complex ICT product portfolio that joins IT and communications services in new solutions. In 2013, the company had 52.000 employees and generated a turnover of 9,5 billion EUR.

Deutsche Telekom

Corporate governance

As a subsidiary of T-Systems International, IT Services Hungary follows comprehensive principles of good corporate governance, which includes adhering to accounting principles, compliance and ethical standards.

If you would like to read about our corporate governance please visit our global site here: T-Systems Corporate Governance


Compliance means the abidance of legal requirements and internal group regulations. The objective is to avoid liability risks and other legal disadvantages for the company, its employees and bodies.

Our mission: Deutsche Telekom and its employees are expected to carry out business correctly and in line with ethical policies. This includes an open and honest way of communication and the adherence of the company policies and guidelines.