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IT Services Hungary (ITSH) serves its clients, most of them leading corporations in the European Union, from six sites representing West European standards, equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure and employing 4500 members of staff. The company’s most important values are its Hungarian expertise and excellent, high standard German and English language skills. ITSH does everything to ensure that its experts can carry out their work in comfortable, ergonomic surroundings in the offices.

The head office is based in Budapest, and its four other premises are located in Debrecen, Pécs and Szeged.

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After nearly 10 years, from Q2 of 2018 the company is transferring its Budapest headquarters from Infopark to Mill Park, where it is leasing approximately 17,300 sqm of office space. The building is packed with innovative architectural solutions, for example, within the extensive internal area a park was created with numerous well-being options, outdoor fitness equipment and open-air meeting spaces, in other words, it acts as the ‘green lungs’ of the office building, providing a place where staff can recharge and relax.

Building App is also installed in the site; this extends to all parts of day-to-day life, whether it is the operation of the office or building a community. Building App provides information on the building and the convenience services that can be accessed there, besides which it is the ideal community-building platform for members of staff. Users can take advantage of numerous opportunities with the help of Building App: from among the most important services it is worth mentioning the shops that can be found close to the office, the in-house restaurant menu is available via the app, and there will even be the chance to order food. In the course of community building, colleagues have the chance to set up events, the app is an excellent networking platform, and for instance it also has a car share function. Staff in the building can update their own profiles with personal and professional information, and the system makes it easy to locate colleagues.

The average age of the Budapest team is 30 years, thus it is true to say that one finds a young and dynamic organization in Mill Park.


Tudáspark 2014Lion 2014
After Budapest, IT Services Hungary opened its second service centre in Debrecen in June 2007. Debrecen was selected because the company found an emerging, dynamic medium in which it would be possible to build a successful enterprise with talented, motivated young people and outstanding professionals.

ITSH launched its first Debrecen office with 20 people on board, and over time they have been joined by very many more new colleagues. As a result of their constant development, over the past few years the company’s workforce has increased by a multiple at national level.

In the framework of a project started in February 2008, a new, high-tech office block was built in Knowledge Park, in the complex born out of cooperation between the University of Debrecen and the entrepreneurial sphere.

ITSH staff took possession of the new offices in summer 2009. Currently more than 1400 members of staff work in the 10,000-sqm modern office complex. A total of 1500 workstations and five training rooms were established on three floors, complemented with offices and meeting rooms. There is a restaurant on the ground floor and relaxation room and cafeteria on the first floor. An unusual feature of the site is the ITSH Gallery in the lobby, where temporary exhibitions present various works done by colleagues. There are bicycle racks and a car park in front of the office for the use of all employees; the Knowledge Park can be reached from the Doberdó Street terminus by buses 10A, 10Y and 11.

The average age of the Debrecen team is 27 years; the key to their success is their extraordinary solidarity and team work.

ITSH intends to contribute to the development of the city as well through its growth. The support of the local community is important, for which reason the company places particular emphasis on supporting not only education but youth and culture, too. Within the framework of ITSH corporate social responsibility, the company has launched several programmes that actively engage staff of ITSH, and through their activities they contribute to the protection of our environment.

The company provides an outstanding opportunity for career-starters in Debrecen and the surrounding area to test their knowledge and gain further training in a competitive, multinational environment. Experienced professionals receive new challenges and attractive career pathways in an area of ICT that is advancing at an incredible speed.

Hajdú-Bihar county, respectively Debrecen also take their share in the continuous expansion in the workforce. While maintaining its premises in the Vezér Road Knowledge Park that it has grown out of, ITSH has opened a new office in Lion Office Centre (Tobacco Factory Office Park) in the city. Nearly 260 experts are employed here.




In spring 2012 the management of ITSH decided to expand activities in Pécs. The company started recruiting in two different areas of ICT.

At the moment, the Pécs site employs nearly 330 people. ITSH seeks primarily German-speaking IT helpdesk staff and application operators in the seat of Baranya county.

Several surveys of employers (AON Hewitt, Randstad) carried out recently show conclusively that not only has recognition of ITSH, which belongs to the German T-group, grown in the past two years, but its attraction has as well, with a significant proportion of career-starters and experts returning from abroad saying they would select this company to work in. This equally applies to experts studying or living in Baranya county, since Pécs and the local university represent one of the most important ‘bastions’ of the company that currently employs close on 4000 people in five locations throughout Hungary. This prominent role can only gain in strength as a consequence of the developments planned for the near future, for instance, the inauguration of a new, second office in Pécs.



There are nearly 110 ITSH employees working at site in Szeged with a quite diverse field of IT.

The largest organization in Szeged is a Development Team of Business Operations & Quality (BOQ) division dealing with Business Intelligence. With the IT professional point of view, this means: Data Warehouse design, DW build, and database management tasks in-house, based on data warehouse queries, providing an analysis to Application Development. The second largest division is represented by the IT Operations (ITO) team in Szeged.

The site in Szeged is a potentially expanding because of the University of Szeged Nationally recognized high-quality IT training of students. ITSH’s office environment in Szeged – with a lesser conversion – could offer a doubling in the current number of employees.